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Thursday, August 21st, 2014
saddle packs super sale!!!!! AWESOME! no other way to describe it.  Get yours ordered TODAY! Blade 350 QX2, Greatest package deal, on the hottest new quad rotor! 50% off sale!
Hottest price ever on Orions touch Charger! Order yours today! IN STOCK, the hot new D4's from Trinity Some of  our most powerful packs, and an awesome price! The awesome RC10 Worlds car! at the hottest price on-line!
Be the professional you are!  and frankly, the shirts are very cool! :) SWEET DEAL on 1/8 buggy tires! Now with free Savox servo!  a $70 value, FREE! Hottest price of the summer on Tekno NT48 Truggys! Pick up yours today!
very cool, and you can mount it on other stuff!  Small and lightweight. Get the tekin RSX in your offroad racer! With the big 4.5 ounce can, and great adhesion, this paint is legit! Hottest ESC on the market, with an even HOTTER price!

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