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Friday, December 19th, 2014
The new Reedy blackbox, great on 1S or 2S! CRC's hottest, newest 1/12th car! IN STOCK! HOT new Losi race truck with Active Vehicle Control ! Star plugs, like deans, but better! :)
Badass fast, winning in 17.5 at the iic in Vegas! 100c shorty packs! that's right, $49 bucks! HOT pricing on excellent Contact 1/12th tires! We've run them they're good!
Jaco blues, fresh and in stock! set of 4 Move snow and watch it on your phone or tablet! SO COOL! Brushles 1/8 scale BEAST. Savage XL Octane at a crazy price!
Complete package, only $39 bucks Save big! IN Stock, the CRC F1 car! We're overstocked, save big on QUALITY tools from Losi

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