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Thursday, March 5th, 2015
limited edition with bag and 2 recievers! Tessman Worlds Edition 1/8th Buggy Hundreds of motors on SALE! have a look. includes receiver, complete system for $99.99
the hottest 13.5 motor you can buy! build your RC shocks like a pro! The Orion R8 is in stock at Stormer Hobbies! 30 model memory and all fuctionality you need as a pro racer!
SUCH A DEAL!  These things are sweet! Even comes with a body! Orions hottest shorty pack and on sale at $59 bucks! Charges and discharges.
HOT pricing on excellent Contact 1/12th tires! We've run them they're good! the new 2015 spec! xb8 One pack, get rid of your saddle packs! SupaStox cars and parts in stock at Stormer Hobbies !

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